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Conference preview | Bioworkshops will attend the EUROPE Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit

Addtime: Nov 08 , 2023

Visit Bioworkshops at booth 101 during PEGS Europe in Lisbon from November 14-16.

Our experts specialize in process development for bispecific antibodies. Learn how we can support your bispecific programs through customized workflows for lead selection, analytical characterization, stable cell line development, and process optimization from early to late stage manufacturing.

With extensive experience in bispecific platforms including IgG-scFv, IgG-Fab, and more, Bioworkshops has the capabilities to accelerate your bispecific antibody development and manufacturing. Connect with our team at PEGS Europe to discuss your bispecific program needs and see how we can drive efficiencies in developing your next generation immunotherapies.

We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon!

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