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Industry focus | Fast-growing Bioworkshops was interviewed by the Suzhou Industrial Park
Sep 19 , 2020

During the Enterprise Open Day in September, SIP media visited Bioworkshops and Dr. Nick Kotlarski, COO of Bioworkshops spoke with them about how the company, as a new CDMO, set up in only one year and its plan for the future.

“The core competitiveness of Bioworkshops speed and services depends on the technical strength and accumulate experience of our team” said Dr. Kotlarski. “Close cooperation and sharing team experience are crucial factors that enabled Bioworkshops to move forward rapidly”. The Bioworkshops team members have worked on process research and development of more than 40 antibody products, two of which have entered commercial production in China, and more than a dozen are in phase III clinical studies. The team members have completed dozens of production campaigns with batch scales from 200L to 2000L, which gives customers confidence in working with Bioworkshops within our first year of operation.

The rapid development of Bioworkshops in Suzhou is part of the overall rapid development of the entire biomedical industry cluster within China. Bioworkshops built their facilities and started production within the remarkable period of only 8 months. During this building phase, we only took 88 days to construct the drug substance workshops with a capacity to take 6 x 2000 L, which is a great achievement in the CDMO sector. The rapidly growing experience of the local industry and supporting ecosystem also enables CDMO enterprises to improve services with higher yield, higher efficiency, and higher speed to deliver. As a biological pharmaceutical CDMO enterprise, Bioworkshops is constantly enhancing service offering and expanding our production capacity to deliver greater value to customers and achieve long-term high rate of growth.

Bioworkshops will continue to support the development of the Suzhou pharmaceutical industry from our base in China to benefit the world. We will collaborate to develop new drugs with "mature" pharmaceutical companies as well as "emerging" innovative biological drug companies, and accelerate the process of innovative drug development by sharing risk and saving our customers' costs with a high-quality, flexible business model.