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Bioworkshops Enterprise Open Day
Sep 11 , 2020

On September 11, 2020, Bioworkshops held our first Enterprise Open Day, attended by government leaders and industry experts from the pharmaceutical industry.  The Open Day gave opportunity to share the important role of CDMO enterprises in the growth of the biological medicine industry. Bioworkshops 's expert team also introduced the guests to how Bioworkshops quickly satisfied customers’ requirements, accelerating the development process of biological medicines.


As an enterprise supported by Suzhou Industrial Park, Bioworkshops has taken root in the Industrial Park and grown rapidly. Leaders from the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group, the Science and Education Innovation Zone, the Science and Technology and Information Technology Bureau, and the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau attended the event. Liu Hua, Member of the Party Working Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park and Deputy Director of the Management Committee, also attend the enterprise Open Day. She said “Suzhou Industrial Park has implemented innovation-driven development strategy in recent years. It has made great effort to build a world-class biomedical industry and become one of the most competitive domestically-developed biomedical parks. In less than a year Bioworkshops has already completed the development and construction of development laboratories and put them to use. At the same time, Bioworkshops completed construction of the production workshops for six 2,000L bioreactors, which clearly shows both scientific-oriented ‘innovation strength’ and ‘practical speed’.  We sincerely congratulate Bioworkshops on their early achievements and hope that it will continue this momentum into the future, seize the development opportunities to grow, to empower, and to energize the city.”


Dr. Nick Kotlarski, COO of Bioworkshops said in his address, "We are honored to host government leaders to witnessed the rapid growth of Bioworkshops, as well as the biopharmaceutical industry experts who have supported and collaborated with our company.  Proactive national policy and the booming biologics industry has encouraged CDMOs to set up in recent years. We provide the industry 'craftsman' to cooperate with domestic research and development companies and help overtake the curve relative to competitors. Flexible and efficient design and clear communication to complete fast delivery is our consistent style of execution. Quality first, and value-creation for our clients and their patients is the service philosophy of Bioworkshops. The Enterprise Open Day is an opportunity for us to let more industry experts know about Bioworkshops."


Dr. Nick Kotlarski emphasized that "Bioworkshops provides one-stop comprehensive services from construction of stable cell line, through process development, cGMP manufacture for clinical research, to commercial production. We took only eight months to build cGMP facilities and full supporting services.  Now we provide services to established biopharmaceutical companies with our cGMP manufacturing capacity and also continue to empower emerging biopharmaceutical enterprises, to accelerate the development of innovative drugs, with our own platform advantages." Dr. Kotlarski has been working in China for many years and witnessed the dramatic development of the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry first-hand. The rapid development and early success of Bioworkshops proves that CDMO play an important role to enable breakthroughs in the fierce competition within the healthcare industry and drive the industry towards a better state.


As part of the Open Day, the guests visited the R&D and production workshops. Bioworkshops’ scientists explained the layout of the workshops, functional divisions, equipment capacity, and plant operation process in detail. The founding team of Bioworkshops has rich experience in design, construction and operation of biopharmaceutical facilities, having set up four biological medicine research and development centers and production workshops in the past five years. The result of this experience is evident in the overall plant design, layout, and construction of the Bioworkshops quality system to reduce customer costs and improve the efficiency of biological medicine research and development. Two 200L-500L tandem disposable bioreactor production lines have been put into operation, the 2×2000L production line will be launched in Q3, and the addition of another four 2000L production reactors is earmarked for 2021.


The Bioworkshops team has deep experience in research and development from more than 40 biological drug products, and has full understanding and practical experience of FDA and EMA drug approval processes. At present, Bioworkshops has six CMC development projects in progress. Providing quality-first, customer-oriented services, Bioworkshops will help drive the rapid development of the industry and continue to demonstrate "Bioworkshops Speed" into the future.