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The New Drug Founders Club dropped in to Bioworkshops
Sep 26 , 2020

On September 26, 2020, Bioworkshops invited members of the New Drug Founders Club to a business Open Day. In conjunction with the fifth annual meeting of New Drug Founders Club, about 75 industry experts visited the Bioworkshops facilities in Suzhou. Opening the doors and welcoming leaders of drug development allows more people to learn about Bioworkshops as a fast-growing company.

Bioworkshops participated in the annual meeting of the New Drug Founders Club on September 25, the 5th such exchange of company founders and industry experts. Greater involvement of CDMO companies in development of biologic products is a recent trend in response to changes in policy and global markets. How CDMO enterprises develop their competitive points of difference and breadth of service is a current focus of discussion. Involvement in the New Drug Founders Club conference, gave Bioworkshops opportunity to listen to the voice of industry experts and reflect on how to make best of our current strengths and enhance business cooperation models to achieve breakthrough and rapid development with our customers.

On September 26, a delegation of industry experts from the New Drug Founders Club visited Bioworkshops. Dr. Nick Kotlarski, COO of Bioworkshops, welcomed the group and introduced to the company, from it's history to the current state and the key advantages of the platform. Dr. Kotlarski said that, “Bioworkshops is a young company that is developing rapidly. The years of background experience our founders are shown in how we build the plant and put it into production within 8 months.  The construction of the main production facility with a capacity of 6 × 2000L took only 88 days. We have assembled a strong team with international vision and experience. Our team has rich experience in process development and production, which is the driver for our continuous improvement”. Then Dr. Kotlarski highlighted the advantages of Bioworkshops technology platform through several successful process development and production cases.

As an expert in GMP plant construction, Dr. Kotlarski also introduced some of his own experience in building biologics facilities. Dr. Kotlarski shared that the rapid construction of 6 × 2000L production facilities within on 88 days was also a breakthrough for himself. The experience of designing and operating multiple biotech factories, provides the Bioworkshops team a solid foundation to achieve high efficiency and rapid production for our customers.

Following the introduction, the Bioworkshops hosts took guests on a tour of the drug substance production workshops, fill-finish workshop, process development laboratories, and quality control laboratories. Along the way, they explained Bioworkshops quality management system, project management mode and the meticulous systems to protection data to the visitors.

The pharmaceutical industry is currently one of the most active industries, and the whole industry has developed rapidly. The enterprise Open Day is an opportunity for more people to witness the rapid development of Bioworkshops. As a long-term strategic partner, we see it is important to share experience, through open cooperation to support development of the whole pharmaceutical industry and bring new medicines to patients.