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Conference preview| Bioworkshops will attend the 3rd Asia Biopharmaceutical Innovation Conference (BIC2021)
Sep 27 , 2021
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BIC2021 - The 3rd Asia biopharmaceutical innovation conference, will cover innovative research and development and manufacturing processes of a broad array of biologic products including antibodies, antibody-conjugated drugs (ADC), bispecific antibodies, cell and gene therapy, innovative vaccines, and other biological products.

Conference overview

The summit promised to focused on regional innovative biopharmaceutical product development including process technology, regulation, and commercialization. The technology tracks will include advances in biotherapy research and development , CMC strategies, analytical characterization, upstream and downstream process development, continuous manufacturing, disposable process technology, intelligent production of biopharmaceuticals, large-scale commercial production, and the realization of biopharmaceutical 4.0. The regulatory and commercial tracks will platforms provide insightful interpretation of policies and regulations, providing an efficient platform for business negotiations, technology sharing, product presentation and release for the development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Conference information

Date: 28-29 September 2021

Location: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

Speech time: 9:30—10:00, 29 Sept. 2021

Topic: Bispecific antibody development and scale-up – Different paths lead to the same destination

Speaker: Dr. Alex Zhu, Director of Cell Culture, Bioworkshops

Booth number: B08

Summary of speech

Due to the wide variety of molecular designs of bispecific antibodies, many with complex and non-natural structures, their process development and scale-up will often encounter some unique technical challenges. Underlying these difficulties there are some common challenges and the theoretical basis for solving them is similar. Dr. Alex Zhu, the Director of Cell Culture for Bioworkshops will present some case studies of bispecific antibody development at different stages (cell line development, upstream and downstream process) to explain development strategies that realize the stable production of products with attractive quality specification.