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Bioworkshops’ interview by Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC)
Mar 05 , 2021

As a new generation biological drug CDMO in Suzhou, Bioworkshops accepted an interview with JSBC. Despite the pandemic in 2020, Bioworkshops made good progress. With government policy promoting innovative biotech and the favorable industrial environment in Suzhou, Bioworkshops is developing steadily. Recently, Bioworkshops was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily Online, Economic Daily, and interviewed by JSBC.


In 2020, Bioworkshops developed quickly and achieved a breakthrough in innovation and practical speed. The media reporters were given a detailed briefing of Bioworkshops' development history and production, followed by interactive discussion. With the strong support of the government's preferential policies, Bioworkshops was amongst the first batch of enterprises approved to resume work in Suzhou Industrial Park at the beginning of the epidemic in 2020. Bioworkshops was put into operation only 8 months after founding and built production facilities that can accommodate 6×2000L with one 2000L production line already in place. More than 10 batches of GMP product have been delivered with a success rate of 100%.


With strong process optimization capability, GMP production capacity, and high-quality delivery, Bioworkshops provides manufacturing services to biopharmaceutical companies. In order to help the broadest range of drug development companies and shorten the time to market with an efficient commercial manufacturing process, Bioworkshops utilizes its own platform technology to streamline the entire development process. In 2020, Bioworkshops not only obtained a Drug Production License from the NMPA but also passed a QP audit for EU GMP compliance. Bioworkshops strive to make our partner's projects faster and better to accelerate development of new medicines.


With CDMO services an becoming an increasingly important part of the biomedicine industry chain, the persistent economic support of Jiangsu Province, and the favorable commercial environment of the biomedicine industry in Suzhou Industrial Park, the development of Bioworkshops will continue in the fast lane. Under an innovation-driven development strategy, Bioworkshops will accelerate plans towards commercial manufacturing, constantly improve our core competitiveness, and help the rapid development of biomedical industrialization. In 2021, Bioworkshops help to empower our partners and make cooperate to achieve outstanding results.