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Bioworkshops will attend the 2nd ACMC
Sep 14 , 2020
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ACMC 2020——The 2nd Asian Biopharmaceutical Continuous Manufacturing and Bioprocessing Conference will be held in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao on 16-18 September. The conference will address current and future trends for manufacturing monoclonal antibodies, antibody coupling (ADC), bispecific antibodies, recombinant proteins, and gene and cell therapy. The technical themes are expected to be application and regulations involved in biopharmaceutical R&D and commercial production, CMC development, upstream and downstream process technology, single use technology applications, process validation, quality control and intelligent biopharmaceutical manufacturing bridging to increased adoption of continuous biomanufacturing.

Dr. Nick Kotlarski, COO of Bioworkshops, was invited to share the topic of "facility strategy for continuous mAb processes" under the theme of Upstream and Downstream Innovation Process, Continuous Processing and Intelligent Production 4.0.

Dr. Kotlarski has more than 20 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. He has co-founded several biopharmaceutical companies in the Asia Pacific region and built and maintained plant and equipment for five monoclonal antibody production workshops including the design, construction and validation of the world's first KUBIO ® 4×2000L GMP production facility. Dr. Kotlarski is experienced in start-up and operation of biopharmaceutical companies that meet EU and FDA standards. With many years of experience in the production of international GMP for biological drugs (TGA, FDA, NPCB, HSA, TFDA, NMPA), Dr. Kotlarski will explain the continuous flow process workshop design strategy of monoclonal antibody from different perspectives.